Argane Oil

The Origin of Argane oil.

The argan tree is considered to be 25 million years (according to estimates by botanists) and one of the oldest trees in the world. The thorny tree grows up to 1000 meters altitude in the mountains and an average of 175 years old. The tree reaches a height of 10 meters and can reach a diameter of 15 meters. To find water the roots of the argan drill up to 30 meters deep in the ground.
The traditional way of making argan oil is manual. This is done traditionally by Berber women. First the nut from the dried fruit is extracted and then the women crack the external shell of the nut with two stones.
To make oil for culinary purposes, the seeds are roasted by heating them lightly. After the seeds have cooled, they are crushed and mixed with lukewarm water to form a slurry. By squeezing this pasty mush manually the argan oil is won.
Argan oil has been used for centuries. The application of Argan oil for cosmetic and culinairy use are centuries old. It is known that the Phoenicians around 1219 already knew the power of argan oil.