Literacy classes

Literacy Classes

The special assignment of Women Agricultural Cooperative Toudarte.

“Nowadays the Berber women of Cooperative Toudarte are in charge. The production of high quality argan oil provides them an income that’s 20% above minimum wages. In addition the cooperative takes care of literacy classes, medical care, child care and interest-free micro credit. Through partnerships in corporations like Cooperative Toudarte the women have paid jobs and they reach a higher social status. The women are encouraged to study and get an education. More importantly, the women are aware of the power of education. They can encourage their school-age daughters and help them with their homework.
Illiteracy is still rife among rural women in Morocco. In a bid to improve both the economic and educational status of Berber women, a percentage of the profits made by these co-operatives is invested in the rural community. Women working in Argan co-operatives are offered free afternoon classes in rudimentary education, including literacy skills and hygienic practices.